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Our History

Dollard Scott Cooper a Family Foundation


  Born in Indiantown, now known as Hemingway, SC; William Dollard  would have been the first African American "veterinarian" in (Williamsburg County), SC; but, due to Jim Crow laws, he was only allowed to be an apprentice . He served his community by opening "Soup Kitchens" to help the less fortunate; "So that they could get a hot decent meal." He instilled in his 16 children; "To always look out for their fellow man (women) and lend a helping hand." In 1988, a concept came to the three sisters to have an annual get together to rekindle relationships, keep in touch and to better understand their heritage. In 2008 the decedents of William Dollard established a 501c3 foundation, Dollard Scott Cooper - A Family Foundation (DSC) to establish and give back to the communities that embraced and shaped their minds in the areas of education, philanthropy, and social services. For 11 years, the DSC Foundation has given back in scholarships for the underprivileged and continues to instill education to younger generations. Prior to the legal establishment of DSC we followed the lead of William Dollard by participating in charitable and community service work with our employers and directly in our local communities since the 1980's   

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